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smoking consumables shop DungworthAt J Sewell the smoking consumables shop Dungworth we find that the bong enthusiast (see wiki) regularly has their favourite brand of bong, and will frequently claim to the grave about their attributes, quality and why they’re the finest.

Some smoking consumables makers, for example Grace Glass offer advanced layout and function that you simply may not find from other brands, where as others for example RooR offer quality and strength. Each brand has their own qualities that are alluring to each person, including fantastic layouts and trendy branding like the Chongz variety.

Many people even reject the mass produced branded bongs, and decide to go for bespoke, arty and individual pieces made by a special glass blowing artist. Some smoking consumables are made in smaller handcrafted batches, where as others are made in enormous amounts and then branded later by anybody who desires their own range of bongs and this frequently effects the quality of the ultimate products.

The Glass or Acrylic question

The Glass or Acrylic question is one we get asked quite frequently here at J Sewell the smoking consumables shop Dungworth. And, like the previous question, the response isnt easy as it’s entirely subjective.

There are advantages and downfalls to both, for example glass is exceptionally breakable so, if you’re terminally awkward its likely not the greatest idea to get a glass bong as youll be replacing it regularly, and that can definitely add up! On the other hand Acrylic is porous, meaning it stains easily, is more challenging to clean and keeps scent. Unlike glass that is flavor neutral and wont hold any odor once it’s been cleaned.

Many people commend glass as being super simple to clean, as you can clean it to an almost brand new state by using solvents for example Isopropyl Alcohol or Bong cleansers for example Gunge Off. Whereas Acrylic is a little more challenging to clean to exactly the same degree, and demands more hands on abrasive cleaning with less chemicals, and even then it’ll still retain some spots and odor.

Therefore in conclusion, if you’re searching for a more permanent bit, glass Is consistently finest. But if you have a need for a low-cost disposable piece, that you could take throughout the area with you, then acrylic may be appropriate for you. Findout a greater selection at

Affordable Or High-Priced Bongs, Which One at J Sewell the smoking consumables shop Dungworth?

Everything depends upon your budget and how and where it’ll be used.

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